Sweet Treats are Fine for Teeth

A well-rounded diet is vital for healthy teeth and gums. Unfortunately, dieting means excluding some of your favorite sweets to improve your overall wellbeing. But, never fear: you can still enjoy certain sweet treats that promote a healthy mouth.

Dark Chocolate 

Dark chocolate might not strike you as mouth healthy – but it’s actually a fantastic treat for tooth enamel! Dark chocolate contains polyphenols, which are natural chemicals that limit the buildup of bad oral bacteria. Polyphenols also help prevent bacteria from turning sugar into acid, thereby limiting acid attacks and keeping enamel healthy. When buying dark chocolate, be sure that it is at least 70% cocoa to get the most nutrition.


Strawberries are an amazing, sweet fruit that can be eaten raw, or added into a number of sweet desserts. They are also high in fiber, which scrubs teeth and keeps tooth enamel strong. Strawberries are packed with vitamin C, which helps your body produce collagen – a protein vital to maintaining your gums’ strength. All in all, strawberries are one of the absolute best sweet treats for teeth and gums.


Apples are high-fiber fruits, which naturally clean teeth as they’re being eaten! Apples scrub your teeth, gums and tongue as they’re being eaten because of their fibrous texture – particularly the skin. This helps fight plaque buildup, and helps remove surface stains from teeth. Apples also fight bad breath by removing traces of bad plaque and residue from the back of the tongue.  

Apples are fantastic treats that can be enjoyed many ways. We suggest dipping apple slices in almond butter for a high-fiber and protein snack.

Frozen Yogurt Popsicles 

Frozen yogurt is packed with healthy bacteria, which helps fight bad bacteria that stick to teeth and lead to cavities. The best news is that frozen yogurt popsicles are a fun way to get a healthy serving of calcium, and they come in a variety of options. When purchasing frozen yogurt popsicles, look for some that are made with low fat, Greek yogurt, which is full of healthy protein.

Drink Water after Treating Yourself 

After enjoying any meal or treat, be sure to drink a glass of water. Water naturally cleans teeth by washing away food debris and damaging acids that can lead to cavities.

Visit Our Office 

If you’re concerned about how your child’s diet may be affecting their teeth, then bring them into our office. We will evaluate their smiles and offer a variety of treatment options that fit their case. We can also give you tips on eating for better oral health, and point out food that can lead to tooth decay.