Worse Than Candy: Avoid Cavities by Limiting these Surprising Snacks

Childhood cavities are the most prevalent childhood illness in the united states, and they are almost entirely preventable. One big way you can help your kids avoid cavities is by limiting the amount of foods that are destructive to their teeth. Below are some foods that you should limit – or cut – from their diets to help keep cavities at bay.

Starchy Snacks

We don’t often consider snacks to be unhealthy for teeth, but starchy snacks like crackers, chips and cookies can damage teeth. Starchy foods can get stuck between teeth and stick around long after a meal concludes, and that’s the problem – starchy foods stuck on teeth provide bad bacteria with sugar, which powers the bacteria to multiply and attack enamel. Regular brushing and flossing usually takes care of sticky starches, but have your child swish cool water in their mouth 30 minutes after they snack to get rid of any food debris that can lead to cavities.

Sugary Fruit Juice

Fruit juice may seem like a good alternative to sodas and other sugary beverages, but fruit juice often contains as much – if not more – sugar than some of the leading sodas. Fruit juice has been extracted from the fruit, and in the process, it loses a lot of its nutritional value. After the fiber has been taken out of juice, what’s left is essentially sugar and water. Limit the amount of sugary fruit juices your child consumes, or, dilute juice with some water to reduce the sugar concentration.

Fruit Packed in Syrup

Fruit is always good, right? Well, not necessarily. A lot of canned fruit is packed in a syrup that contains unhealthy amounts of sugar. The added sugar can lead to cavities, and many more health issues if your child eats it too frequently and in large quantities. When you are shopping for canned fruit, look for those that have no added sugar or those packed in 100% fruit juice. But the healthiest way to enjoy fruit is by eating fruit that hasn’t been altered in any way.

Ask Us about Mouth-Healthy Dietary Choices

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